• To synchronize with Active Directory your console should be installed on the domain system or should be a member of the domain.


• Synchronization cannot be done with the 'Default' group.


• Groups that are shown in Red Color are already synched with Active Directory.


• You should have permissions of the “Domain Admin” to synchronize with Active Directory.


• Synchronization time interval is GLOBAL.

Pre-Synchronization Tasks:

In order to Synchronize your Endpoint Security Console with your Active directory, you will first need to create a group for each Container that will be synced.

1. Open your Thirtyseven4 EPS Console and navigate to Clients > Manage Groups.

2. Right-click on EPS console and select Add Group.

3. Name the group and select OK. The group is now populated on the left hand side.

4. Repeat step 3 for each Container you will be syncing from your Active Directory Structure.

**If you would like to Sync the entire Active Directory Structure, you will only need to create one group.

5. Once the groups have been created, you will need to right-click on each group and select Import from Active Directory. This will prompt you for your Domain Admin Credentials. The username will need to be entered in a 'DOMAINNAME\User Name' format.

6. Select the Container you will be synchronizing to the group.

**If you would like to Sync the entire Active Directory Structure, you will select the top level domain when importing.

7. Once each group has been imported from the Active Directory structure, it is now time to apply the synchronization.


Synchronizing with Active Directory:


To sync Active Directory groups, follow these steps:


1. Open your Thirtyseven4 EPS Console  > Clients > Client Deployment.



2. Click Through Active Directory.


3. Under EPS Console, select a group.


4. Right-click a group and select Synchronize with Active Directory.

**NOTE: Only Synchronize the groups that you created and imported. DO NOT synchronize any groups automatically created by the Import from Active Directory process.



The Select a Domain screen appears.


5. Select a domain and click Next.


The Authentication screen appears.


6. Specify the username in the format of 'DOMAINNAME\User Name' and enter a valid password and then click Next.


The Select Active Directory Container screen appears.


7. Select Domain Name or Active Directory Container for Synchronization.


If you select the top level Domain, the whole Active Directory gets synced and if you select any Active Directory Container then only the selected container gets synced.


8. Click Next.


The Synchronization screen appears.


9. In Synchronization Interval, type the time interval when a periodic check is to be performed for this group and then click Finish.


Time should be specified between 1 to 24 hours.


The directory is successfully synced.