To create a Mac Thirtyseven4 Client package, follow these steps:

Open Client Packager on your Thirtyseven4 EPS Console server following the listed path:

1. Go to Start > Programs > Thirtyseven4 EPS Console 6.3 > Client Packager

2. In Client Agent deployment list, select Inside network.

3. In OS Platform list, select Mac.

*Administrator needs to download the Mac Client build from the following URL:

After downloading, copy it to “Thirtyseven4\Endpoint Security 6.3\Admin\Web\build\acmac”

4. Click Create to generate a package using Client Packager.

The TAR file created after packaging will be saved at acmac folder.

*When the administrator downloads AGNSETP from the link provided in the e-mail for ‘Notify

Install’, the setup will be downloaded from the ACMAC folder of EPS server.