1. Behavior Detection System- The Behavior Detection System settings are introduced under the Advanced DNAScan Settings. This powerful and effective system observes all application behaviors and immediately alerts users if suspicious or malicious application behavior is detected. It also crosschecks behaviors on-the-fly against known malware. The integrated Behavioral Detection System prevents dangerous and widespread threats (i.e. Cyptolocker) from penetrating a system. 


2. Added Operating System Support - EPS 5.3 fully supports Windows 8.1 and Windows 2012 R2. It also supports the latest Mac OS (Mavericks) and IE 11 management support is now available.


 3. Vulnerability Scanning- This feature allows a user to scan for known vulnerabilities of installed applications of various vendors such as Adobe, Apple, Microsoft, Mozilla, Oracle, etc.


4. Client Packager (enhancements) -

(a) The Client Packager can now be created in a MSI installer package file format and 

(b) while creating the Client Packager, users can select the group under which the client will be managed after the installation.


5. Web Security (configuration)- The following Web Security settings are now configurable through the TSEPS server:

a. Display alert messages when a website is blocked

b. Enable Web Security reports

c. Exclude subdomains for getting blocked within Web Categories


6. Safe Mode Protection - This feature is introduced to avoid unauthorized system usage during Safe Mode. Password Protection must be turned on to use this feature.


7. EPS 5.3 Dashboard (main screen) enhancements- Web Console Dashboard (Home) page changes include:

a. Deployment Status will show the status of clients that the client deployment has failed.

b. Help & Support buttons have been added.

c. Top Vulnerabilities and Vulnerability severity displays (doughnuts) have been added


8. Configurable server-side Boot Time Scans

9. SSL/TLS support for email notifications within the Email Security module has been added.

10. Network Driver Filter compatibility enhancements.